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  • We speed up the learning process and

    We speed up the learning process and
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    We make everybody shine.
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  • speed up the learning process

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What is Braincloud?

Simply put, we make learning English easy, fun and accessible.

Braincloud is an innovative educational company that makes language acquisition accessible through the use of cutting-edge technology. We have designed a state-of-the-art turnkey and immersive learning platform to accelerate and promote language acquisition for English as a Second Language for students from Grades 1 to 6.

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Our approach

Interactive & Immersive learning®

Braincloud provides effective professional development for school administrators and local teachers in order to assist them in the optimal use of technology and pedagogy for the learning of AEC English as a Second Language.

Compare the traditional way of teaching to Braincloud’s way of learning.



We have standardized and automated the pedagogy so the online and the local teachers just have to follow the prescribed curriculum that is dictated through the Braincloud technology.


On any given day in the Braincloud classroom, students swipe their access card on their tablet in order to log into their own learning program and begin preparation for their learning activity of the day.
Live Interaction

Live Interaction

Students get to remotely interact with a native speaking English teacher who coaches them throughout a variety of activities and helps them practice and improve their listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills as well.


The Braincloud Analytics Software also confirms the progress of each student so that individual differences in learning are taken into account.
  • How it Works

    Learning by Doing

    We believe there is a more natural and compelling way to learn. Learning by doing is exactly what
    Braincloud’s interactive approach is centered on.

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Our Results

We succeed where others fail.

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Braincloud’s interactive approach enables students to ultimately outperform students who use a traditional teacher-centric method.

An independent study using the McGraw Hill LAS Links tool was conducted between groups using the Braincloud interactive approach versus the traditional teacher-centric method. Results have significantly indicated that Braincloud students are performing 3 grade levels higher in comparison to their peers.

Learn more about McGraw Hill independant study

What People Say

Braincloud makes everyone shine!

Braincloud builds upon the strengths of the community with which it joins forces to promote students and the learning of AEC English. In this way, not only are educational needs met and exceeded but the community is ready to join in economic development which requires English as the language of commerce.

  • Students gain self confidence.

    Students gain self confidence.

    The Braincloud programme has helped our students gain self-confidence in their speaking abilities. Normally students are shy and reluctant to speak to foreigners, but the Braincloud students feel comfortable and confident enough to speak with the online teacher.

    — Preecha Yacharad, School Director
    Baan Manangyong School / Pattani Province

  • Braincloud is good because it is really interactive.

    Braincloud is good because it is really interactive.

    They have tried distance learning, but it was only ‘one-way’ communication. But Braincloud is good because of its ‘two-way’ interaction, and the students can actually speak to the English teacher as well. I do not need to call the online teacher asking for anything after the session.

    — Pattama Kaewpim, Local Teacher
    Baan Bang Pla Mor School / Pattani Province

  • Students don’t want to miss a day of class.

    Students don’t want to miss a day of class.

    The students are so excited by Braincloud that they will do whatever it takes to make it to school. Even if there is harsh weather such as monsoon rain.

    — Busarate Kachaphol, Local Teacher
    Wad Rachasamosorn School / Narratiwat Province

  • Students gain self confidence.
  • Braincloud is good because it is really interactive.
  • Students don’t want to miss a day of class.

We Can Help You

To overcome your teaching challenges.

Braincloud is bridging the landscape and cultural gap with the ASEAN States by addressing urgent problems that Southeast Asian schools face in teaching AEC English as a Second Language.



To qualified native English teachers and adequate resources


And harmonization of the curriculum with the requirements of the Ministry of education


Of an homogeneous curriculum with a continuous, automated and sustainable methodology


Enhancing student performance and accelerate learning
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