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About Braincloud

Braincloud is an educational organization that has developed a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and learning platform designed to accelerate and promote language acquisition, and AEC English in particular.

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Everyone Shine

The Braincloud project started out as a collaborative effort almost two years ago, and today the results clearly demonstrate that children who have engaged in the Braincloud experience regularly outperform students in more traditional classes. From its inception, Braincloud has led a revolution that has resulted in positive outcomes for every stakeholder. From investors, partners, Ministries of Education, school administrators, teachers, parents to the thriving students themselves, we make everyone shine.

Our Open
Partnering Approach

Braincloud connects with local partners to deliver an innovative educational package that is grounded in learning theory and can be adapted to any curriculum. In addition, Braincloud provides effective professional development for school administrators and local teachers to assist them in the optimal use of technology and pedagogy.

Braincloud builds upon the strengths of the communities with which it has joined forces to promote students and the learning of AEC English. In this way, not only are educational needs met and exceeded, but the community is ready to join in the economic development which requires English as the language of commerce.

Forecasting a Bright Future

The Braincloud mission is to bring this educational process across Thaïland—and soon to other countries worldwide—and to join forces with communities in order to help shape the educational and economic future of the country. By promoting a technology enriched pedagogy, Braincloud supports the Ministry of Education’s objective to improve the quality of AEC English taught in schools and to prepare the country’s youth for a prosperous future.

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