Learning By Doing

An interactive & immersive methodology

No one is ever left behind

With Braincloud’s curriculum automation and analytics.

Take the guesswork out of measuring the pace of student learning and educator effectiveness. Our analysis and reports help you measure the right things and make decisions to improve student learning.

Curriculum standardization
and automation

Both teachers, the online and the local teachers, after training, follow the same standardized curriculum that is dictated through the Braincloud technology. The online English teachers are always on time and ready, ensuring that students never miss a day of learning.

The system recognizes and tracks the logins from each student as well as the grade that they’re in. Teachers are guided by the system to consistently cover all of the learning activities. Braincloud’s instructors can personalize their teaching methods in order to better connect with their pupils, however the content itself never varies.

Analytics Software

The Braincloud Analytics Software also confirms the progress of each student so that individual differences in learning are taken into account. By monitoring real-time information, both the online and in-class teachers can provide encouragement and support the moment a student needs it.

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