Learning By Doing

An interactive & immersive methodology

Our Approach

A more natural and interactive way to learn

The traditional way of teaching English as a Second Language is methodologically one-way, that is teacher-centric. The strength of Braincloud’s immersive learning experience is based on interactions, and uses a neurolinguistic approach for better language acquisition.

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The neurolinguistic
approach to learning

We can all remember our teachers trying to lecture us by filling our heads with vocabulary, words, verbs and exercises. Even educating ourselves in our own native language is so complex that our brains experience difficulty in digesting and processing the intricate rules and regulations of the language. Without practice, context, validation and support, language acquisition is not only hard, it is essentially an exercise in futility.

Unfortunately, the traditional way of teaching English as a Second Language in school simply does not result in the expected outcome. Students do not become proficient in the English language and their ability to speak with a clear pronunciation is lacking.

We believe there is a more natural
and compelling way to learn.

Not only does science support this new approach to learning but this is also the way we have all learned to speak our mother tongue and do many other things in life. We have learned more through watching and listening to our parents and playing with our friends than we ever did sitting in rows listening to a teacher talk “at” us in our primary school lectures.

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Learning by doing

It is exactly what the interactive learning approach of Braincloud is centered on.

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The Science | Braincloud Neurolisguistic Approach to Learning Language