Learning By Doing

An interactive & immersive methodology

The Braincloud Classroom

We have developed a unique methodology in which we deliver the AEC English curriculum to your students, in collaboration with your local teachers assisted by online native English teachers located in our studio.


As simple as A-B-C

Braincloud redesigns the classroom with 4 learning stations.

On any given day in the Braincloud classroom, students swipe their access card on their tablet in order to log into their own learning program, and begin preparation for their learning activity of the day.

The Reading Station

Provides students with a variety of tablet exercises. All words are associated with relevant images in order to maximize comprehension and retention.

The Writing Station

Invites the student to use the tablet to play games where the goal is to find the proper spelling of a given word. A resource workbook is also used to help practice handwriting and accomplish other writing assignments.

The Speaking Station

Helps students improve their speaking ability and pronunciation as they are asked to repeat the words they hear and see written on their tablet. When combined, these tasks help reinforce the visual assimilation of images, words and sound.

The Listening Station

Students remotely interact with a native speaking English teacher who coaches them throughout a variety of activities and helps them practice and improve their listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills as well.

Braincloud Classroom | Reading – Writing – Speaking – Listening